Hard or Soft, An Upgrade of the Classic

MOLEKUR™ One is a single-layer foil made of medical copolyester. We offer One H (hard) and One S (soft) for different clinical applications.

Excellent Force Retention, Elastic Recovery, and Tear Resistance

MOLEKUR™ Express is a single-layer foil made of medical thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). It has high tear resistance, good abrasion resistance, great elastic recovery and low stress relaxation.

Material with Better Properties in all Fronts 

MOLEKUR™ Pro has a multi-layer structure. Its structure ensures moderate hardness, high elastic recovery, excellent durability and wearing comfortability. MOLEKUR™ Pro has several sub-series to meet various clinical needs.

For a More Efficient and Precise

Attachments Mounting

MOLEKUR™ Template is a newly-developed template foil. It has low surface energy, high flexibility and great comformablity. It provides more accurate mounting of attachments and easier separation of foils from attachments.